sign up as a user

You can just sign up as a user and start using all the features in the app. Sign up process is quick and easy, only need a few personal information and method of permanent.  After the first time you can always log in and change your account information such as method of payments, or address, contact information.

how to become a driver

If you plan to become a driver for SPARK and provide S-delivery or S-ride services these are the steps you need to take.

1- Create an account at
2- Upload the following documents

  • Driver's licence G or G2 
  • Over 21 years old
  • Driving Record
  • Vehicle Insurance under your name or name must be legible on the pink slip
  • Vehicle Registration under your name or name must be legible
  • Canadian passport, PR card, or work permit
  • Background Check

3- Wait for our approval it may take up to 4 weeks

promotions and discounts

You can refer other users or other drivers and get credit in the form of gift cards, promotion or discount cards. Also seasonally or for some occasion we provide promotion codes so you can benefit from and save more or your services.

how to become a partner as a restaurant or store

If you like to become a partner as a store or restaurant, we welcome you, our success is yours and your success is ours. Sign up at SPARKapps/partners.php we help you to grow, connect with more clients, have more sales, and make more revenue, we take care of the delivery for you.


People with disability are able to use our application using their cellular phone accessibility options such as . Alternatively you are welcome to use a friend to order S-ride, S-food, S-purchase, or S-delivery for them. Just communicate with your friend, family member, neighbor and ask them to help. Finally you can get in touch with our support department to help.  

use TalkBack
use VoiceOver
ride with your Service Dog
ride with Support Devices
ask for drivers Assistance 

resolution centre

If there is conflict, a problem, or complaint about a rider, about a driver, a store, a delivery agent, etc this is the right place to get the issue resolved get access to SPARK mediation team. 

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