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Time is everything these days, that's all we have got, and matters how to spend it. If we can do more of what means a lot to us, if we can spend more time with our loved ones, and do more of our life purpose, we will get more quality and satisfaction. SPARK is here to help you spend less time on day to day ordinary stuff such as grocery shopping, cooking, getting anywhere you want, sending gifts/flowers to people that you care about but can not make it for their occasion due to being busy, or not feeling well enough, or taking care of errands, getting a task done such as delivering furniture that you bought, getting the screws that you need right now, form hardware store while you are at the middle of assembling things, getting the papers you need in your office at the middle of printing some files, and much more ...

So SPARK apps family is here to help we have apps for users who would like to use the service for iOS or android, as well as apps for drivers who would like to provide the ride or delivery service. Also apps for stores and restaurants who would like to become our partners and provide products, grocery, or food to the users.


Earn $3000 and more per month and be your own boss! Drive to transport people or deliver to go food, grocery, other online purchased items, or parcels. You can do this with bikes, motorcycle, and cars of any size.


Ride the SPARK and leave the driving to your personal driver and pay a reasonable and affordable fee!


Do not have time to cook? Have some guests that you love to have with no heads up? No big deal! No worries pick your favorite restaurant and order your healthy desirable meal and have it at home or office in no time!

You deserve to be pampered time to time! It's fun to have your friends over without so much work or preparation! So just enjoy the NOW and take advantage of this service!


Shop your grocery, or any other item you need online from your favorite local store and receive it at your door, isn't that easy?

Stay home at times like this, with the pandemic, when the weather is not good, or you do not feel well, save time and gas and pay a reasonable amount for your convenience! 

Stay safely in!


It's your friends special occasion but you are staying with your family because of pandemic, or you are busy with your personal life, or just simply live far away show them you care by delivering flowers, or gift!

Are you busy at your office and you realize you need a pack of papers for printer? Buy it online and ask the S-delivery to take care of the pick up an drop off!

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